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Technical Information


Irdeto company recommends using the following set-top-boxes with embedded Irdeto decoder:

  • Arion                            AF3030 IR              (SW: Build 0112 version)
  • Arion                            AF3300 E               (SW: Build 0112 version)
  • Golden Interstar            GI-S790IR               (SW: LoadSeqNo 002 version)
  • Globo                           5100IR                   (SW: 1.2.1 version)
  • Lumax                          DV 2400 IRD 
  • Topfield                        TF6400 IR               (SW: TF-GNIr 1.01.77 version)
  • Koan Media                  KSF-270 IR


Irdeto company recommends the following CAMs:


Mandatory requirements to this type of CAMs :
-  SoftWare version - 3.6.9 (no earlier)
SoftCell version - 2.26D

You can purchase or order the recommended САMs from LANS corporation.

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